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I invite you to know THE BIRTHDAY GIRLS . We make a shooting session during their last concert at StuStaCulum Festival, Munich, Germany. It was terrific!!!!

Their name may surprise some: THE BIRTHDAY GIRLS consist of four guys from four different countries (Austria, Turkey, England, Germany) – and not a sweet girl in sight apart from fans in the audience.

The Zürich-based band combines their disparate cultural and musical backgrounds into a unique fusion of crossover indie rock, ranging from stomping anthems to more subtle ambient tunes.

Founded in 2010, the band has played more than 80 live shows by now. In January 2012 THE BIRTHDAY GIRLS found themselves taking the Rock Highway competition’s 1st Prize and a few months later won a slot to play on stage at the prestigious Swiss Gurten Festival. In January 2013 they were invited as the first Swiss band by the world famous BBC Radio to the UK for a live session and interview on air. They returned in May 2013 to the UK for a 10-gig tour including The Great Escape Festival and another session live on air on the BBC Radio.

Their debut album, released in Nov 2012, is entitled “Trust the Girls” after the band’s slogan. It is available in Swiss music shops (for example Exlibris) and as digital album on online platforms such as on iTunes and Amazon.


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